Engagement Portaits in Downtown Hamilton | Dani and Brandon

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       When I first met Dani, about four years ago I think, Tim and I were out at a local wine bar and she was our server. She was such a funny, outgoing and good-hearted person, it's hard not to love her bubbly personality.  Well, fastforward to October 2015 when I get a text that says, "Hey chica!!! What is your rate for shooting a wedding?" .....  I was TOTALLY caught off-guard! Who is this crazy man that has stolen Dani's heart and why haven't I met him yet??? Well, I finally got to meet him and they are a PERFECT match.  Totally sweet, silly and down-to-earth.  And, their engagement session was a great combination of all of those things!  :)   Here's more about Dani and Brandon's story (from Dani's perspective).


  • We first met at Party in the Park at Sawyer Point. We had a mutual friend that we didn't realize. Our groups hung out the whole night. He invited me to his boxing class on Saturday; I invited him to drinks Saturday night. The rest was history. We've been nearly inseparable since.
  • In our kitchen. I was in the family room folding clothes, Brandon was unloading dishes. At the time, we had a rickety old dishwasher that was horrible about getting dishes clean. Brandon was complaining, again, about how our dishwasher wasn't getting things clean. Quite honestly, I was ready to fight. I was DONE hearing about the dishwasher, I had said we just needed to buy a new one on multiple occasions. I stomped into the kitchen. When I rounded the corner, Brandon said "See? Look at this cup." When I looked inside the coffee cup, it was decorated with the words "Will you marry me?" Brandon bent to one knee and pulled a ring out (from where I couldn't tell you). Of course, I said "YES, duh!" :)


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