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What does "Boutique Photography" mean?

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It is easy to see that there are photographers on every corner these days. I think it's great how digital has opened the doors to photography, but it does make it hard to stand out from the crowd. I LOVE what I do and I take pride in the experience, quality and memories that I can offer my clients. I consider Livvielane Photography a boutique photography business. What does this mean? Small volume, high quality and personalized service. Let me tell you about what I can offer and some of my favorite parts of being boutique!

Client Relationships
I LOVE my clients! I am not just saying that either. I truly form relationships with each client. When I get an inquiry I love hearing their stories and meeting the engaged couple, a budding new family or a high school senior that's about to go away to college. I love to hear what my seniors dream of for their future and see the families that I photograph grow over the years. All my clients get holiday cards and I encourage them to follow me on Instagram (@livvielane) where I share some of my own family moments. I consider them my Livvielane family! When you take pictures of people with their loved ones and create memories they cherish it is difficult to not become close to them. I consider each of my clients new friends and adore it when they share their lives with me! This is part of being boutique.

Custom Sessions
Another thing I love about my boutique business is planning each and every session specifically to meet the needs of each and every client. I personally scout locations, come of with concepts, consult on wardrobe and have stylists that are available for hair and makeup {who rock}! I want my clients to feel unique and special because they are. I don’t want to shoot at the same places all the time or use the same ideas either. This drives me to be creative for my clients. This creativity, uniqueness and expectation of quality and thought is all part of being boutique. It doesn’t end there! I also provide in-person order sessions. Sitting in the homes of my clients and guiding them through the process is truly a custom experience. I can help design a wall gallery, show sizes that fit the needs of specific spaces and layout an album right there on the spot! Each order session is different and customized to the individual clients needs!

Pretty Packaging
Another creative aspect of being boutique is my packaging. Although to some it may not be important, I find it is. I love delivering my clients pretty packages wrapping up their amazing images. It's like Christmas or a birthday, and what's not fun about that?! I take care in my packaging, with a  combination created to protect my work and make it look beautiful and special upon delivery. This process seems to be ever-evolving and I enjoy trying new things for my  clients.

Personalized Service
I consider every part of my business personal. Every step of the way I put my heart and soul into my clients' experience. Personal touches like custom sessions, packaging and creating friendships are just a natural part of being boutique. I love serving my clients and one of the fun parts is gifting them fun things at the end of each year!

The Livvielane Photography boutique experience is something special. I can offer unique sessions that produce amazing images. The investment is not only about “having pictures,” but about the entire experience.

Let’s have some fun and capture moments at the same time!
Contact me to book your session!


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