Our Photography Philosophy
Thanks so much for your interest in Livvielane Photography. We are so flattered that you are thinking of using us for your custom portrait session!
Here at Livvielane Photography, we work very hard to create a fun and enjoyable environment for our clients, as you will soon find out.  Photographs are one of the most precious possessions we own, and one of the very few things we have that actually appreciate with time.

Our focus is on creating beautiful heirloom memories that you can display in your home, as well as share with other family members.

We create artwork for your home and heirlooms for your family. We are a boutique studio that creates specialty products and display options to suit your personal style.

We will guide you through image selection, gifting and home decor options – giving you an opportunity to have fun with your loved ones – laugh, giggle and play while we create memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime.


At Livvielane Photography, we LOVE people who LOVE photography and art.  Heck, most of our clients are amazing photographers themselves!  We want to create something truly special for photography lovers and handle everything from end to end for them.  From the consult and planning session all the way to the custom design of our products, we are passionate about helping clients enjoy their portraits forever.  Trust me, I’m that person with thousands of digital images sitting on a hard drive.  It’s hard to make time for planning wall displays when you are a busy professional (or raising a family or both)!  I’ve taken millions of photos, but the ones that mean the most to me are the ones I see hanging everyday in my home or turn to in an album.  The feeling I get when I see them is the heart of what I do.  It is priceless.  I want everyone to have that feeling.

After your portrait session, we will schedule what is called a Session Premiere. The Session Premiere has been designed as a special appointment for the families and clients of Livvielane Photography. I will actually come to your home one night to show the family all the photos from the session. Then we go through the product samples I have to see what you love and to help you create your portrait art. You enjoy a beautiful custom slideshow set to music and receive special pricing and collections for the Premiere night only!

Although digital files are available for purchase, it is important to us that the memories don’t simply live on the computer. We offer a wide range of prints, products and albums at various price points. Our gift prints start at $30, but on the night of the Session Premiere they are bundled in with the other items at a lesser rate.  We also don't have a minimum order, but most clients end up spending between $400-$1,000 on their new family heirloom products and take advantage of the payments plans that we have to offer.  We will work with you and your family to create cherished pieces of art that you can display in your home and office, as well as hand down for future generations. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for those albums and prints when they look at those memories fifty years from now. 


I’m sure there are thousands of other options out there at every price point imaginable.  I can’t vouch for those businesses or the experience they provide.  I just know what we want every client and family to have with their Livvielane Photography experience and we work hard every day to give it to them!


We would love to tell your story. Contact us to reserve your date.


To read more about our thoughts on giving you just a CD of images vs. heirloom family products, please visit this blog post:  http://livvielanephotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/conversations-with-clients-investment